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YES MY PEOPLE! It is time once again for MY BIRTHDAY! I turn 32!!!

So what do I have planned this year? The same old thing with a twist…This year I want gifts!

So I have made it easy for YOU! I am registered at TARGET! Pick from one of the many lovely things I want or if it is too much of a hassle get me a gift card (I have that registered too!).

You say "Rosalind, what about the party?"

Well here is all the information:

Date of the party: November 16,2001 (Yes it is close to a payday!)

Time: You can get there at 8:30 p.m.

Place: My Damn house (yes I am cheap and I have no money)

201 South Joe Wilson Road

Apt. 1114

Cedar Hill, Texas 75104

(972) 291-6973

OH YEAH…I almost forgot. I am making this POT LUCK and BYOB, so I need to know what you are bringing (for all my cheap ass friends, I have all the cups, plates, napkins and plasticware!)

My birthday is really on the 20th on a Tuesday, but I figured either you have to go to work or out of town so I won't be able to see you!

If you can make it RSVP at or CALL ME!

If you are busy and won't be able to make it, I am sorry I am going to miss you, but please don't make me miss your gift. Target will be happy to deliver it for you through there on-line services! So do your good deed for the year and send my gift!

See you there!!!

Love Yall Always,

Miss Rosalind Anita Theola Vaughn (A.K.A. Rosalind, Lynn, Rozzy, Roz. Lil' Mamma, or whatever)


Made by Lynn, 2001