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Made By Lynn brings you 3 years of Education and experience that will give you an effective 
web page that you will need for your business. Please view "Our Clients" and thier webites.
                               We make it affordable for the SMALL BUSINESS to afford a website!
All Websites include:
Custom Background Design
Animation (2 designs included)
Email Link
Graphic Scanning
Submissions to search engines
Basic Pricing:
$30 Initial fee...(Non Refundable)
$30 Each Page
$10 Storage Fee
$10 Minor Update to site (1)
$20 Minor Update to site (3)
$50 Update to site  (max. 6)
$100 Update over seven changes (subject to Labor Fee)
$50 For sound addtiton
$100 Flash Animation
$50 Monthly Maintence Fee (if monthly update fee...prices subject to change)
Web Hosting Fee (present to date if used)
Let's sit down together and see what is best to suite your needs!
Made by Lynn,2001